Recycle, re-purpose, repair

I've just finished reading a lovely book by Kate Humble called "A year of living simply"- I was gifted this book by my auntie for my birthday, and I felt that I resonated quite deeply with it.

Living minimally is something I have always felt drawn to, but if I'm honest with you, I am a bit of a hoarder. I hold on to sentimental treasures and I'm a big shell collector (if you haven't already guessed)...

In the book, Kate talks about the importance of repairing objects in our lives instead of seeking out new, inexpensive replacements.

It made me think about all the jewellery that's sat patiently waiting to be worn. Gifts from loved ones that mark an occasion, but never quite made the cut. It seems like such a waste.

Have you ever looked at your jewellery collection and thought, "I loved this so much when I bought it, but now I never wear it"...?

Maybe it's time to re-imagine that piece into something new?

Recycle, re-purpose, or repair your unworn jewellery today and transform your sentimental treasures into something you can enjoy everyday.

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Re-purpose, recycle, repair your unworn jewellery
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