The bespoke process

Transforming customers unworn silver and gold jewellery is a passion of mine. The wonderful thing about silver and gold jewellery is the ability to re-purpose it into a brand new treasure with endless possibilities.

I believe that our jewellery is a representation of who we are and what we stand for, and our jewellery deserves to be cherished for a lifetime, not just a season.

Keep reading to learn more about how I use customers own silver and gold to re-imagine their forgotten memories into a new treasure...
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From old
to new

I work with lots of clients to transform their unworn jewellery and gem stones into new treasures, and one of my favourite parts is knowing that the metal being used has been worn and treasured through significant moments of someones life.


I work closely with my clients to offer them a bespoke and unique service. Every piece is developed entirely from scratch, and I like my customers to be a part of the process as much as possible. Even if they aren't sure of what they want, I make the experience as easy as possible.

Stone re-setting

Re-imagining heirloom stones is such a beautiful way to treasure a loved one or breath a new lease of life into your unworn jewellery. Maybe you bought a ring because you love the stone, but don't like the setting, or you were passed down an heirloom ring that holds sentiment, but not your taste. I work closely with my clients to re-imagine their sentimental stones into a bespoke treasure that better suits their lifestyle and taste.

Melting down metal

Once the stones have been carefully removed, it is time to melt down the metal into a bespoke creation. This takes place in my studio, where I do all my own casting (for bespoke work) using a very hot torch and the ancient sand casting technique. This creates a gorgeous, organic texture and allows me to develop the piece from scratch.

Special details

Once the metal has been melted into the cast, it is time to add the special details that make a piece unique. My signature Siren scales are a very popular addition that a lot of my clients feel drawn to to make their treasure one-of-a-kind.

Finishing touches

Once the details have been added, the final step is to set the stones. The stone setting is done in-house, ensuring that every stage is of high quality that showcases elements of the human touch.

Final treasure

Once the piece is finished and the stone has been set, it is time to make it's way to its forever home in sustainable packaging with a hand written thank you note, and a complimentary polishing cloth.



"It's just perfect and there hasn't been a day that I haven't worn it"
"Ever since I made my first JM purchase at the beginning of the year, I immediately knew that I needed a bespoke piece, namely a ring. The entire process was wonderful, Josie is always a delight to talk to and after a little chit chat, it was underway! I knew that I wanted the ring to have a statement Moonstone and a wide band, something to pop amongst my simpler silver rings. Besides this I didn't really have much of a visualisation of what I wanted, but being as brilliant as she is, Josie's designs told me exaclty what I wanted. I loved them all, but settling on a designwith an off centred stone and wide hammered band. Opening the box upon its arrival made me feel like a little girl at Christmas! It's just perfect and there hasn't been a day that I haven't worn it. I've had compliments aplenty and friends and family have commented on how it couldn't be more me, that it 'screams Lilly'. Thank you as always Josie, you're a superstar"- Lilly-May

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