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The story behind the Siren Collection

The Siren Collection is an ever growing body of work that started in an unusual way... Keep reading to learn how this otherworldly collection started off as a dream, and developed into my signature, much loved feature.
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Behind the collection

When developing new ideas for a collection, or a one-of-a-kind treasure, I like to listen to my intuition and enjoy a more natural process of developing ideas. Sometimes this can take a little longer than other collections, but when it came to the Siren Collection, the idea came to me overnight...


The Dream

"I've never felt so much excitement as I did when I finished the first Siren ring."-Josie

In June 2019 I had a vivid dream that I was swimming at the bottom on the ocean amongst a ship wreck. The water was a misty light blue and inside the ship wreck laid a half open treasure chest, glistening with jewels. As I opened the heavy wooden box, out swam silver and gold fish with glistening scales and encrusted jewels. The jewellery in the chest was covered in scales which created a gorgeous shimmer and texture that danced in the reflected light. As I woke up from the dream I quickly scribbled down my thoughts in a note book I keep by my bed. The next day I went to the studio and got to work on creating my vision. I've never felt so much excitement as I did when I finished the first Siren ring.

The Process
Each scale is hand fabricated from tiny balls of silver and gold. The balls are individually hammered into tiny discs and soldered in place to create an otherworldly mermaid texture that is entirely unique and magical.
In my spare time I love foraging for unusual shells and cluster formations on Bournemouth beach, and just being near the ocean gets my creative juices flowing. In my studio I have a growing collection of my favourite unusual treasures that I've found by the coast, and I refer to them as a source of inspiration when creating new work.
How the collection is changing
Upon releasing the first Siren collection, it was an instant hit and through the years I have refined and developed the scales to be softer and more intricate. With every collection, a new technique is born and I'm so excited to share with you my latest collection. If you are a lover of the Siren Collection, then you will love what I'm working on!


Create a bespoke Siren treasure

Would you love your very own unique Siren treasure? Work with me to bring your ideas to life. We can incorporate your own metal and stones from unworn jewellery to breath a new lease of life into your sentimental jewels...

Bespoke Siren Treasure

Re-imagined wedding ring for Kay

"My wedding and engagement rings have been sat in a box for a while so I decided to have them re designed for me by Josie. After a lovely first meet up to discuss what I wanted I received several designs, very difficult to choose as I liked them all. I settled on a contemporary ring using the gold and diamond from my original rings. Nothing was too much trouble for Josie and my completed ring was ready within the month. I love it ! Would not hesitate to recommend Josie to make and design your perfect piece of jewellery. Thank you so much can’t stop looking at my ring x" - Kay

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