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Frequently Asked Questions

About bespoke jewellery and heirloom re-designs

Can you melt down my old jewellery?
Yes, I can melt down customers old silver and gold jewellery into a bespoke treasure. Please check for hallmarking on your jewellery (small stamps- usually on the inside of rings and pendants). This will tell you the material that has been used.
Can you re-purpose heirloom stones?
Absolutely! We can remove any heirloom stones and re-purpose them into a new treasure either using your old metal, or my own recycled silver or gold.
How much does a bespoke piece of jewellery cost?
The price for bespoke jewellery varies. The starting point is around £300 for bespoke work and can stretch to any budget. Please note that bespoke work takes an average of one month from the consultation to you receiving your bespoke treasure.
How do you recycle metal?
I use an ancient form of sand casting to melt down old metal and re-purpose it into a new and exciting design. This process is unique and has a wonderful, organic appearance.
Are your stones sustainable?
I buy most of my stones from a small, independent shop in Glastonbury that works with family run miners. Ethical stone sourcing is very tricky, and I am always working on innovative and sustainable ways to improve my services. I also source a lot of stones from pre-loved jewellery as this is one of the most sustainable options for working with stones. If you have any unworn jewellery with lovely stones, please reach out and we can create something bespoke and fully sustainable using your own stones.
Will silver make my skin go green?
Unless you have a chemical reaction to silver, or a piece is silver plated (base metal is either brass, or bronze) then your skin shouldn't turn green. In some cases people have allergic reactions to the metal, but this is rare. All pieces available on the website are hand crafted using solid sterling silver or gold. I do not plate my metal due to the unsustainable effects and short lived benefits.
How do I keep my jewellery clean?
1. Keep your jewellery stored in an air-tight container or wrap in tissue paper and store in jewellery box provided. 2. If a piece is tarnished, place in a bowl of warm soapy water and lightly scrub with a soft toothbrush. Go careful of soft stones like pearls. 3. Get in touch to enquire about a professional polishing service. (Free polishing service for customers).
How do I find out my ring-size?
Click on the "info" tab and then "sizing guide" to find my at-home ring sizing guide. I recommend visiting a jewellers to re-size your finger before making a ring purchase.

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