The untold truth of gold plated jewellery

Buttery brass is a beautiful alternative to gold jewellery, and its budget friendly price range makes it far more accessible than solid gold jewellery.

Over the years brass has made a name for itself at "cheap" material, and would usually be sold with a thin gold plating on the jewellery to prevent tarnishing and making the piece appear more luxurious.

There is a common misconception that brass wont last as long as other materials, such as sterling silver or solid gold, thus making it appear much less desirable, but I think it's time we take a look at the gorgeously sustainable and timeless effects that non-plated brass has...

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Why do we gold-plate jewellery?
Gold plating is a cheaper alternative to buying solid gold jewellery. This requires the use of several harmful chemicals (like cyanide, sulphates and acids) to create a thin layer of gold on the surface of the metal.

Even though Gold plating might seem like the best option, Gold plating has a number of unsustainable outcomes. Here are the main reasons why I choose not to encorperate this into my business...
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Sustainability effects of gold plating

The chemicals used when gold plating jewellery is essentially harming precious ecosystems in the process. Not only is this damaging the environment, but it is also creating a more consumerist attitude when buying these items. I believe our jewellery should outlive our own lives, and be precious enough to pass down to future generations. The short lived benefits of gold plating jewellery doesn't align with my beliefs as a business owner, sustainability activist and consumer.

Why buy brass?

Not only is brass a beautiful metal with its buttery yellow tone, it is also a highly sustainable material. Brass can be recycled over and over again due to its composition, meaning that you can re-purpose your unworn brass treasures as your taste in jewellery changes over the years.

Will my skin turn green?

Depending on your PH balance (which can change when on medication or a change in our emotions!) brass jewellery has the potential to turn your skin green. But did you know that if you continue to wear your brass jewellery your body will eventually adapt to the metal, preventing the green discolouration from taking place! So just keep wearing those delicious brass jewels of yours for the full benefits...

How to care for brass jewellery

  • Keep skin dry

    Thoroughly dry your skin and jewellery after washing your hands, and remove when showering.
  • Remove jewellery when handling chemicals

    This rule applies to ALL metals when using cleaning chemicals, sun cream, moisturisers and even sweat. Exposing jewellery to harsh chemicals will cause your jewellery to quickly change colour and could damage certain stones.
  • Store your jewellery correctly

    Leaving your brass (and silver) jewellery on your bedside cabinate for weeks on end will cause your favourite treasures to turn black over time. This is because the small amounts of copper added in the metal will oxidise when in contact with oxygen. Store your jewellery wrapped up in tissue paper and a jewellery box, or an air tight container to prevent the oxidisation process from happening.
  • Use steel wool to clean brass

    When buying brass jewellery from my website, you'll also receive some complimentary steel wool to clean your treasures when the brass darkens over time. Just gently rub the wool over the surface of the metal and watch as the colour changes.
  • Keep wearing it!

    As we've learnt, with time your body will adapt to the metal and the green discolouration will eventually stop happening. Just keep enjoying those beautiful brass treasures!


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