Rosie's story

Rosie came to me with a gold ring that was passed down to her from her Grandmother. The special ring held so much sentimental value, but the style didn't suit Rosie's lifestyle as a train conductor. She wanted a ring that she could cherish and enjoy everyday whilst travelling through the countryside.

Together we worked on some ideas that represented Rosie's style and personality whilst bringing the main focus and attention to the vibrant Garnet stones. Rosie loved the small granules and ancient Roman aesthetic and wanted to encapsulate a similar feel in her heirloom re-design.

Rosie sent me her ring and I got to work on gently removing the stones and melting down the gold ring into a brand new creation. With Rosie's vision and my creative expertise, we created a bespoke and entirely unique ring that encapsulated the sentimental value and memories the original ring once held, but with a modern twist that Rosie can enjoy on a daily basis, and maybe one day, pass down to future generations...

"From start to finish the process was so easy; Josie is so nice to chat to and I’d been following her work for years so I felt sure she would create something amazing. She took an unworn but very much loved ring of my grandmother’s and turned it into something I wear every day and will treasure always. She really listened to what I said was most important and I felt a part of the journey, seeing initial sketches and photos of the process. Would highly recommend Josie to anyone looking to create a really special piece of jewellery. The ring is now my favourite thing I own."- Rosie. M
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The original ring was dated and the setting wasn't to Rosies taste. After our consultation I sent Rosie a number of sketches that suited the design brief and would fit seamlessly into Rosie's lifestyle and job.
Bringing the piece to life
Once we had settled on a design that Rosie loved, I got to work on creating her new treasure. I carefully removed the Garnet stones and melted down the original ring into a new design. Each step of the process was done in-house with extra recycled gold to create a thicker ring band.
The finished piece
The stones have been set and the ring polished. Rosie's newly transformed treasure hold all the sentiment of the original ring and represents her own personal style with a ring that is truly unique and unlike anything else. The Garnet stones hold centre stage, and the ancient Roman style band radiates a warm 9 ct gold hue.
Behind the scenes

Making process

Work with Josie

Re-imagine your unworn jewellery