Open studio

Welcome to my little mermaid den. This is where my jewellery is lovingly hand crafted and each tiny scale is forged and soldered into place with a selection of tools I couldn't live without. I love combining ancient metalsmithing techniques with my own unique style to create timeless treasures that celebrate the intricacy and organic forms of nature.
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I find myself drawn to a small selection of tools on a daily basis. My hammers are what allow me to forge the metal and create unusual textures on the surface of a piece. My trusty torch is used to melt down and re-purpose unworn jewellery, and solder intricate details into place. These tools make life a little easier behind the bench...
I surround myself with inspiration to help my creative flow and mindset. I love spending time by the sea, foraging for unusual shells and cluster formations. These unique findings fuel my designs and give me a sense of peace in the workspace- which I think is key when having a creative job.
Delicate Creations
Hand forged scales are individually crafted and soldered in place to create my signature Siren details. The process is long and fiddly, but watching a piece come together is incredible satisfying, and so worth the wait!

Behind the scenes