Lisa's story

Lisa is a wonderful customer of mine, and we've worked together on some beautiful bespoke treasures. This bespoke bracelet was particularly special and I'd love to share Lisa's story with you.

"When my sister passed away in 2004, I was given back the bracelet I had given her for her 21st birthday 3 months earlier.

I wore it every day as a way to remind myself of her. Fast forward a few years to a trip to Cheddar caves where it somehow fell off my wrist and was lost. Despite frantically retracing my foot steps and several calls to see if it had been handed in, it was never to be seen again.

I had toyed with the idea of replacing it with something similar for ages, but I just couldn't find the right thing. Having worked with Josie on a few bespoke pieces, I approached her with the idea of making a bracelet to remind me of my sisters lost one. I found a very blurry picture of the old one, and explained what I was after to Josie, and she sent me some gorgeous designs to choose from. Nothing was too much trouble for Josie, and the end result is stunning. I’m not afraid to admit how emotional seeing and wearing the new bracelet has been. Nothing will ever replace the original  bracelet, but Josie’s tribute bracelet is just perfect - thank you so much xx"- Lisa

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Lisa's bangle

images of Lisa's bangle and some behind the scenes

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Lisa's story,

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