Amber's story

I love a ring transformation, and Amber's ring was definitely one of the most satisfying ones I've encountered. Amber came to me with a well worn ring that she loved, but through the years had broken and lost a few stones. Instead of letting the ring sit in a box, she decided to re-imagine the stones into a new design that better suited her lifestyle and taste.

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Josie was amazing to work with. She took and old, worn piece of sentimental jewellery and came up with several new designs to encorperate the stones. It was so much fun looking through the designs & I couldn't wait to see the finished piece. Once it arrived I was blown away by the craftsmanship, it's so, so beautiful & I love that I now have a new piece of jewellery that I can treasure as much as the old.



Amber was open minded when it came to the design. She hadn't settled on a specific idea, so after a consultation I complied a number of sketches that suited Ambers lifestyle and taste.
Bringing the piece to life
Amber felt drawn to sketch number 2 which was minimal in appearance and featured the rectangular stones from the ring. This simple design would suit her lifestyle and job and would pair beautifully with her other jewels!
Studio magic
Now that the idea for the re-design had been finalised, it was time to gently remove the stones and give them a clean. The change in colour was shocking due to how well-worn the ring had been. With a bit of fire and studio magic, the ring has been transformed into a new, everyday treasure that reflects Amber's personality and taste. 
Amber's re-design

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