Private workshops

Are you planning a birthday party or hen-do and would love to do something a little different? Maybe you and your partner would love to create your very own wedding rings full of sentimental details?

Josie is now offering private ring carving workshops for all occasions. Join Josie as she guides you through the creative process of lost wax casting during a private workshop full of creative freedom.

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Birthday party workshops (2-3 hrs)

(minimum of 7, maximum of 15 participants)

In this workshop you will experience the art of lost wax casting and learn how to create your very own ring with Josie using a wide range of natural and organic tools to sculpt and carve a unique silver or brass ring.

How it works:

Josie will come to your house with a supply of tools, worksheets and materials to carve your own ring. Once the workshop is complete, Josie will send off the wax rings to be cast at the Birmingham jewellery quarters in the participants preferred metal. The rings will then be finished by Josie in her Frome studio and sent back to each participant's home address. Ticket price includes postage and casting charges. There will be an additional charge of £10 for large/heavy rings that require more materials. This quote is for silver/brass rings only. Please get in touch to enquire about casting in gold.

This workshop is perfect for a group setting and encourages everyone to explore creativity in a safe environment. This workshop is great for all skill levels and does not require any previous experience. All tools will be supplied, but if you would like to bring along your own textures/ natural tools, you are more than welcome to do so.

Cost per person: £75

Skill level: Beginner-intermediate

Perfect for: Hen party's, baby showers, birthdays, etc.


1-2-1 studio workshop

Learn the art of lost wax casting in a 1 2 1 class in Josie’s Frome studio. Work alongside Josie and enjoy a unique experience that is tailored to your needs. This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to learn the art of lost wax casting in a more intimate setting, or would like to explore the best ways to start wax carving as a hobby or job. Learn specialist techniques like casting stones within the metal in this fun and creative experience. Create up to 5 wax treasures and choose your favourite to be cast in recycled materials.

How it works:

Join Josie in her Frome studio in the centre of town. Josie will create a tailored experience that will teach you all about the ancient technique of lost wax casting. You will have full access to all of Josie’s tools (and knowledge) during the time of this immersive workshop, and you will come away feeling inspired and full of creative energy! Explore a range of natural tools to create up to 5 unique treasures. Josie will then send your wax creations to the Birmingham jewellery quarters to be cast using recycled materials of your choice. Josie will then finish the pieces in her studio and send them to you (or book in for a few hours and learn how to finish the pieces in their metal form).

This price includes access to all tools and wax materials. An additional charge for material will be added for any pieces you would like to have cast. Please feel free to bring along any stones or materials you want to experiment with.

£35 per hour (recommended 3 hours per class)

Skill level: beginner-intermediate

Couples ring carving

Make your wedding rings with Josie in an intimate setting and enjoy the playful, intuitive process of wax carving in the comfort of your own home. Learn how to carve and sculpt a ring to your perfect size, using organic tools to create unique textures, or hand engrave for a sentimental finish. Josie will talk you through the step-by-step process of wax casting so you come away with the ring for your special day.

How it works:

Josie will come to your home with a wide selection of tools and textures and walk you through the process of creating your very own ring through the art of lost wax casting. At the end of the workshop, Josie will send the wax carvings to the Birmingham jewellery quarters to be cast by specialist casters. Josie will then finish the rings in her Frome studio and make any necessary adjustments to size or texture that is needed. The rings will be sent (or hand delivered) to you in sustainable packaging with a complimentary polishing cloth ready for the big day.


Professional hand engravings for £35 per ring

Stone setting from £30-£150 per ring

Hallmarking £15 per ring

This price does not include the cost of silver or gold.


£165 per hour (recommended 2-3 hours)


Skill level: Beginner-intermediate


Please GET IN TOUCH to book your private ring carving workshop with Josie