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The journey of your jewellery

The Process...

From the start:

Each piece is mindfully designed and curated in my small Bournemouth studio. Ideas are developed and transformed into wearable treasures as I draw my inspiration from my surroundings during walks along the beach, foraging for unique and unusual shells. I have a collection of interesting findings that are a source of inspiration for my work and creativity.

bringing a piece to life

Each piece goes through a process of development to ensure that it is wearable, tactile and suitable for everyday wear. I like the elements of my designs to have movement and texture so that the wearer can feel grounded and closer to nature. Hours in the studio, playing with ideas finally leads to the finalised concept.


Each piece is handcrafted by myself using an eclectic combination of ancient and modern day techniques. I source 100% recycled silver and gold for all designs and re-use the scraps of my own metal in castings for bespoke creations. Small scales are individually hand crafted and soldered into place for my signature Siren detailing, making each piece entirely unique and unlike anything else.

To finish:
Receiving your jewels

Once your jewellery has been finish with a satin polish, it is ready to be carefully sent to its forever home. I love adding a little hand written thank you note with every order, along with a complimentary polishing cloth and ring sizer for good measure! It's important to me that my customers feel well looked after when treating themselves to my jewellery.


"Josie was amazing to work with. She took and old, worn piece of sentimental jewellery and came up with several new designs to incorporate the stones. It was so much fun to look through the designs & I couldn't wait to see the finished piece. Once it arrived I was blown away by the craftsmanship, it's so, so beautiful & I love that now I have a new piece of jewellery that I can treasure as much as the old"

"I have been slowly building up my Josie Mitchell Jewellery collection, and everything I own of hers feels so special every time I wear it. Everything is so comfortable to wear, such high quality and beautifully made. The designs are unlike anything else I own, and I’m so excited to see her new collection! I’ll definitely be wanting it all!"
- Maisie

"I can’t recommend Josie and her jewellery enough. She has been so kind and cooperative whilst picking out a ring for my girlfriends 21st birthday. She’s so lovely and so is her jewellery. Highly recommend!"

Re-imagine your unworn jewellery with bespoke jewellery...

Heirloom re-design. Wedding rings. Engagement rings.
I believe that our jewellery is a representation of who we are and what we stand for. Through an eclectic mix of old-school and innovative techniques I have created a signature style that will stand the test of time and celebrates our gorgeous planet through unique and perfectly imperfect textures.
-From Josie (About/Ethos)