Please see below a chart informing all EU customers of the new VAT charges for receiving your order. My prices will not be changing, but when you receive an order from the UK you will now have to pay an customs charge (so rubbish!). The VAT rate will depend on where you are from.
We are still shipping worldwide.
Disclaimer: These are just guidelines. If you are unsure, or if your country is not listed below, then please check with your government for the VAT rate.


 VAT rate

 Example VAT charge

Austria, France 20% £150 order= £30.00 VAT
Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain 21% £150 order= £31.00 VAT
Cyprus, Germany 19% £150 order= £28.50 VAT
Denmark, Sweden 25% £150 order= £37.50 VAT
Finland, Greece 24% £150 order= £36.50 VAT
Italy 22% £150 order= £33.00 VAT
Luxembourg 17% £150 order= £25.50 VAT
Portugal 23% £150 order= £34.50 VAT
Switzerland 7.7% £150 order= £11.50 VAT