Molly's Story

Molly was looking for a alternative wedding/ engagement ring that felt unique and authentically her. We worked together to create a ring that was minimal, featuring her heirloom Diamonds and a captivating Sapphire stone in the centre.

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The Process

Creating Molly's bespoke engagement/wedding ring
Molly and her partner were planning on eloping. For a couple that is down-to-earth and laid-back, planning a formal and traditional wedding was not what they had in mind. And neither was a conventional ring. Molly asked for my help to re-imagine her heirloom diamond ring into a wedding/engagement ring that she could enjoy and cherish for the rest of her life.

Over the course of 2 months and a few Zoom calls I got to know Molly on a really personal level. I learnt that Molly cherished time with loved ones and her rescue dog. She loved being active and didn't want a ring that would get in the way of her lifestyle, but would elevate it and bring her joy. Together we worked on a unique, and timeless ring that she can pass down to future generations and is filled with sentimental details.
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The perfect fit
Molly wanted a ring that was incredibly comfortable, and she would never feel the need to take off. She hand chose a beautiful Sapphire that was a rainbow of golds, blues and greens, and we decided the Sapphire should be in a bezel setting apposed to a prong setting to ensure the stone would feel safe and secure, and to better suit Molly's aesthetic.
Designing the ring
Once we had established what Molly was looking for, I worked on a number of different sketches that would showcase the stones to the best of their ability, and would work alongside Molly's lifestyle seamlessly. Molly fell in love with the organic textures of the Siren Imprint ring from the Epiphany Collection, and so we decided to make this a key feature of the ring.
Making the ring
The ring was handcrafted and each element carefully soldered in place. The final stage was setting the stones, and once the diamonds had been set in the band the ring was ready to be sent for hallmarking at the Birmingham Assay Office. Molly recieved progress photo's of the ring throughout this entire process, so that she felt fully involved in the creation of her special treasure. This is something she can enjoy for years to come and made the experience incredibly memorable.
The finished piece
The ring is finished and receives its final polish before being sent to Molly in a sustainable box and hand written note on wild flower seeded paper which Molly can plant in her garden to remeber her special day.

The ring is timeless and represents Molly's unique taste beautifully. The gorgeous natural Sapphire is set in a warm 18 ct gold setting on top of a silver band with her heirloom diamonds scattered around the front of the ring. The band featured scale textures and elements of the human touch, making this ring even more one-of-a-kind and special.

"I can't quite believe I have such a beautiful and special ring, and it is all down to Josie! Working with Josie to create my engagement/wedding ring was such an exciting and positive experience. It was clear that she wants to make the perfect piece for each individual, making sure it was just right for them. She incorporated a sentimental ring into the design in such a creative and thoughtful way. Josie was incredibly flexible, finding ways to work to a short deadline. She communicated throughout, sending update pictures during the making process. I would highly recommend Josie to anyone who wants their very own personal, incredibly beautiful and thoughtful piece of jewellery. Thank you so much Josie for a ring more beautiful than I could ever imagine!"

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