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Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS! This is such an exciting milestone for you and your partner. Let me share with you some of my favourite ways to pop the question without giving away the surprise!


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Secretly find out their ring size
Add multiple links in Instagram instead of just one.
How to pick the perfect ring
Allow your clients to connect with you with one click.
5 mistakes to avoid when choosing the ring

"Josie designed and made the most incredible engagement ring for me to give to my wife to be. What made the ring and the process so special, was the way that Josie listened to what was in my Heart, what was special to me and my partner and how Josie translated this into the most phenomenal engagement ring. Using her expertise, Josie worked with me to select individual stones and invited me to collaborate with her throughout the designing of the ring itself. The result is stunning and we are so grateful to have found Josie, so she could create a unique symbol of our love, our relationship and our commitment to be together. Thank you Josie for a truly beautiful ring. Sending you Big Love Josie. Glad to have you as part of our story."



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The (secret) proposal guide

How to pop the question, without them knowing!