Please email: to receive your free ring sizer in the post (this service is only available to UK customers). Alternatively you can order your own ring sizer from HERE.

I would always recommend getting your ring sized by a professional, as most jewellers will offer this service free of charge. But here is a quick and easy guide for you to do at home, all you need is a small strip of paper (approx 1cm thick), a pen and a ruler.

• • •

Step 1. Wrap the strip of paper around the desired finger. You want to measure at the base of the finger. Never take your finger measurement when your hands are cold, or first thing in the morning; this is when your fingers are smallest, so you should aim to do it later in the day.

Step 2. With a pen mark the point on the paper where it overlaps, forming a complete circle.

Step 3. With a ruler, measure the length from the starting end of the paper to the pen mark. Double check the makeshift ring sizer fits over the knuckle comfortably.

Step 4. Use the chart below to determine your UK ring size.


UK Ring Size - Measurement

G – 45.5mm

H – 46.7mm

I – 48mm

J – 48.7mm

K – 49.9mm

L – 51.2mm

M – 52.5mm

N – 53.8mm

O – 55mm

P – 56.3mm

Q – 57.6mm

R – 58.9mm

S – 60.1mm

T – 61.4mm

U – 62.7mm

V – 64mm

W – 65.2mm

X – 66.5mm

Now that you know your ring size, make sure you check out the rings available online, or get in touch to create your own bespoke ring!